Saturday, July 28, 2012

Being a Grandmother

I added a new persona last week.  I became a Grandmother for the first time.  It is absolutely the most wonderful and exciting moment when that child comes into the world!

There are many things that change over time in baby care and one of the best things is the "new" use of cloth diapers.  Many mothers now are concerned about the effect of disposable diapers on the environment. Many are using a "different" kind of cloth diaper.  This diaper can be made at home.

After several trips to the store, ordering on line, and reading on line, I learned how to make a layered diaper that is a one-piece cloth diaper.   The new fabrics used in the diapers are absorbent, breathable and waterproof.  The diaper in the picture has a pocket in the back in which a soaker pad can be placed in the pocket between the special fannel fabric and the waterproof PUL fabric.  Patterns for the diaper can be found in Babyville Boutique books,  in fabric stores and on several sites on the web.  I am still trying to decide whether the special hook and loop tape or the plastic snaps are more convenient.  The diaper in the picture has adjustable snaps. If two hands are available, I like the snaps.  It takes a little practice sewing the PUL fabric but after making one diaper, the others are easier to make.

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